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Caleb Abel

CA Consultants

The tiny team at Syfase always gets the job done well and on time. I’ve always come back to them mainly because of three qualities that I see in them so obviously every time. 1. Honest 2. Always ready to help & 3. Affordable

Our Values


We will be plain honest in all we do. We will build honest relationships that lasts beyond projects.


Simple Creativity. That’s the way we like it and so do our beloved customers!


We attempt all our work with a passion.


We love to be flexible to meet our ever changing needs of our valued clients.


Albert Ebenezer

Albert Ebenezer

Jack of All

Wears many hats, Loves to help & enjoys outdoor with his 3 children. Used to be exactly the opposite of what he is now. A life-transforming encounter with Jesus showed him how much he is loved by Jesus who set Albert free from himself. Total surrender to Jesus gave his life a whole new meaning! Now he is passionate about showing this love that he has become living from the inside out. You are so loved and you can learn about this more on his main website, justjesus.com.au.

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